Bringing things to a close

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I’ve got some big news in this post, but first let me start you off with some Indie / Freeware games to satisfy your palette. 

The Silver Lining – Part 4 

The popular fanware project based on the King’s Quest series has seen it’s most recent instalment released!

The Silver Lining – Part 4, promises to bring an even bigger episode and more dramatic adventure than in previous instalments, check out the preview below.


The Silver Lining– Episode 4 Trailer

The Silver Lining is available from the developers website - here


The Battle for Wesnoth

The Battle for Wesnoth, has been around for some time now and is a freeware game that is constantly under development. A fully fledged strategy game with role playing game elements added to the mix, it has a constant source of new material being regularly developed by players and members of it’s community. It includes single, multiplayer and online gaming modes and often adds new features and enhancements as each build is released. The Battle for Wesnoth is an excellent game and will appeal to both strategy fans and roleplaying enthusiasts alike.


The Battle for Wesnoth - Trailer


If you haven’t checked it out already, make sure you head over to the developers website - here


Infamous Adventures are looking for Beta Testers

Infamous Adventures are currently looking for Beta Testers for two of their upcoming Sierra remakes - Space Quest 2 (VGA Edition) and King’s Quest 3 Gold, which improves upon the visuals and game design of their original remake.



If your looking to get your hands on an early copy of either game and willing to help out with some bug finding, head over to their website and make an application – here 


Team Fortress Arcade

An interesting demake of Valve’s popular Team Fortress 2 FPS, it brings many of features from the original game and mashes them into a retro side scrolling shooter / beat ‘em up. The great thing about the game is how many of the characters skills have been brought across and authentically resemble the original title and yet have been created in an entirely different context. There’s also a four player multiplayer mode which is currently offline only, but an online mode should be available in a few months time - recommended for anyone who enjoys retro action titles.

Team Fortress Arcade

Get Team Fortress Arcade – here


Wrapping up

After giving it much thought, I’ve decided to make this my last post for Computer + Adventure and place the blog in hibernation. Recently I’ve been concentrating a lot of my time in other areas and simply haven’t had energy or resources to take the blog to where I truly want It to be. Instead I will start concentrating more of my efforts on some of the more commercial writing portals (such as Adventure Gamers) that I currently write for.

So as of today, I’m letting the dust settle on this project and hopefully leave it as an interesting read for anyone who wishes to find some top notch freeware games. It will be available for as long Blogger / Google chooses to host it and with more than 70 articles to choose from, I’m sure you’ll find something interesting to read.

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If you wish to keep following my various writings, you can find me over at Adventure Gamers or at my AG Writers Bio here