Super Crate Box

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Super Crate Box is a sweet retro inspired 2D platformer which was released back in late 2010. Inspired by arcade titles such as Bubble Bobble and Nick & Tom – Snow Bros., Super Crate Box focuses on fast paced single screen platforming action.

supercratebox 3 supercratebox 2

There are four main objectives to the game; The first is to stop the constant onslaught of on screen enemies by blowing them to smithereens with what ever weapon you have on hand. The second collect as many crate boxes as you possibly can, which also changes your weapon at the time (this can be good or bad). The third is unlock as many levels and extra characters as possible.The fourth, get the high score! It couldn’t be simpler.


Super Crate Box


One thing to remember is to try and kill enemies before they reach the bottom of the screen, as once they jump into a fire which rests there, they reappear twice as fast and twice as crazy.


supercratebox 1supercratebox 4Supercratebox 5


Super Crate Box offers sublime platforming action, with the only downside being that’s only three levels to play. But don’t let that stop you, It will take a while before you can get everything unlocked and decent high score to go with it!

if you’re looking for quick action fix, with little in the way of time commitment, this is your game!

Download Super Crate Box for the PC (Freeware) from here