Indie updates…

Monday, 21 March 2011

Here’s a quick selection of some the latest and greatest indie games that are up and coming on the scene…

Ninja Senki

‘Kinuhime was killed by a ninja demon. Now, Hayate has become obsessed with revenge! But can revenge bring her back?’

Ninja Senski is a 2D ninja platformer featuring numerous evil ninjas, ghosts, demons and an array of Japanese mythical creatures. The game plays at a relentless pace and is mercilessly challenging. The story is focused on the Blue Ninja Hayate’s quest for revenge against a ruthless demon ninja who killed the princess of his clan, who was also his beloved.

The game is inspired by a variety of platformers from the Nintendo & Sega 8 bit era. It puts together some of the best elements from the 2D scrolling genre and wraps it all up into an original and challenging platforming title.

Ninja Senki is a thoroughly enjoyable and addictive game, it’s not for the faint hearted though, so you’re going to have to skill up if your going to even make it past the first level! All I can say is that the more you play the more rewarding it gets and the more challenging it becomes!

Available as freeware here  (Windows only)


Tiny Barbarian

Based loosely on a short story from the Conan series, named the Frost Giants Daughter, Tiny Barbarian is a re-envisioned version of this story, transformed into a challenging single level platformer.



The game begins with our hero leaving a dangerous and bloody battle field, when a mysterious women appears before him, luring him toward her with a magic spell. He follows her, blind with lust, whilst she tries to destroy him by resurrecting dead bodies from the battlefield, luring him into traps and casting energy bolts in an attempt to bring him to his doom.

This game should appeal to fans who love the 8 bit hack and slash /platformer genre (think Castlevania / Ghost ’n’ Goblins here), it’s a little short on game time but the quality of the package more than makes up for it + it’s freeware, so how can you go wrong?

You can find Tiny Barbarian here  (Windows Only)


Gemini Rue

Gemini Rue is a sci-fi adventure / action game, which plays and feels in character with films such as Blade Runner and games like Beneath a Steel Sky and Rise of the Dragon. The story focuses on the lives of two brothers who make an attempt to escape a planet run by a terrible crime syndicate. In the process of making their escape, one of the brothers is caught and has his memory wiped, forcing the other to return and make a rescue attempt. At this point a noir styled sci-fi detective story begins, as you take the first steps in attempting to find your brother…

Gemini Rue essentially uses a lo-res canvas to display it’s visuals (320 x 240 res) which won’t appeal to all players, (especially those looking for cutting edge visuals) and is probably an area that should be given careful consideration by any developer if they wish their product to garner universal appeal. On the flip side though, there is a tremendous amount of detail that has been poured into the games visuals and cinematics, giving it a rich graphic novelisation style of presentation. The visual aesthetic combined with a significant amount of detail paid to it’s environments, atmosphere and it’s story driven world, make this one of the most interesting adventure games produced of late.

One of the aspects to this title is that you will eventually be able to control both of the brothers at different times and be able to swap between the two instantaneously in order to solve puzzles in a collaborative manner.There isn’t a significant volume of puzzles to frustrate and challenge players, but what is there works well. If your looking for a strong puzzle heavy game, you will be let down here, however, if you’re looking for a story that is driven by an intriguing sci-fi story, interactivity, depth, fluidity and offers a reasonable balance of puzzles and action driven sequences, this is your game.

What is most surprising about Gemini Rue is that it is a game that feels like the real deal, it’s not a copy of some one else’s game, a re-interpretation of a classic or even a fan game with a new coat of paint. Some one has put love, sweat and tears into making an original concept which feels unique, interesting and something that will keep players intrigued to the very end.

I highly recommend this game, if you’re interested in making a purchase or trying the demo, head over to Wadget Eye Games



Hawken is an up and coming Mech game which will focus on arena style combat, incorporating fast paced fps game play, whilst utilising all the abilities of a high tech Mech suit.

Hawken is currently under development and is currently using the Unreal engine for it’s in game graphics. If you haven’t already checked out the Hawken trailer you should, It will blow your mind!!!

To find out more about Hawken, visit the developers website here