King’s Quest III Redux

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Not that they had to or even needed to but perhaps out of the need for perfecting their vision or deciding that the job just wasn’t finished quite just yet, AGDI, the people who brought you remakes of Sierra’s King’s Quest 1, King’s Quest 2+  & Quest for Glory 2 are at it again! with a brand new title nearing release, King’s Quest 3 Redux.

    KQ3   KQ3 13

AGDI who have been one of the major developers and prime influences behind the adventure game remake scene over the past decade, have surprised everyone with their recent announcement of a fully fledged remake of King’s quest 3, which is on the verge of release. Perhaps the greatest surprise of all is that they have been unusually shy about the release until now, avoiding the pressure of building up expectations with early media coverage.

    KQ3 11   KQ3 12

King’s Quest 3 Redux is set to bring back to the full flavour of the original title whilst overhauling the engine to a point-n-click interface and presenting the visuals in a colourful and highly detailed pixel art style. There should be little in the way of story changes (as compared to AGDI’s significant rewrite of King’s Quest 2+) but rather small tweaks and enhancements to the story, to give more depth and polish over the course of the game.

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The best news of all is the title is expected to be released some time in the next few weeks, top news for King’s Quest fans!

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Those who wish to find out more should head over the AGDI’s website here