Super Mario Bros. X

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Super Mario Bros. X  is a brand new Super Mario fan game which has been recently released and has appeared just before the Super Mario Bros. 25th Anniversary.



Super Mario Bros. X is a mash up of levels and elements from Super Mario 1,2,3, SM World and some special levels that appear to be grafted from Zelda 2 and Super Metroid. The graphics are fashioned after Super Mario World and offer colourful retro visuals, with each level being being unique and different from previous games.

There’s over 50 levels in this title and the option of five playable characters including the ability to use characters such as Toad, Peach and Link (from Zelda). The characters have large choice of power ups available including some of the more unusual power ups such as the Ice Flower, the Hammer Suit, the Tanooki Suit, Kuribo's shoe, the Billy Gun and last but not least, Yoshi.

There’s also a number of additional modes such as an advanced two player co-op mode and battle mode between characters.It also has a rather sophisticated level editor to create your own levels, allowing a vast amount of control over level design and plenty of in game resources to draw upon.

Super Mario Bros. X is not only packed full of options but is a genuinely enjoyable game and which feels like a legitimate Mario title.

Make sure you check this out!

Super Mario Bros. X can be downloaded from here.