The Dream Machine

Monday, 26 July 2010

The Dream Machine is an upcoming Point-and-Click adventure by Swedish indie developer Cockroach Inc., who specialise in creating flash based games. The Dream Machine will be playable through the browser which means it can be easily played across most desktops (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc).



The game is based around a couple who have recently moved into a new apartment and begin to make some unexpected discoveries about the place. What they originally considered to be their quiet and unassuming apartment building turns out to be a little bit more interesting than they originally anticipated and leads the main character to do some spur of the moment investigating…


What is immediately striking about this title is the amazing visuals which have been generated from modelling both cardboard and clay. This gives the game not only a rich and detailed look but the feeling of a clay animation film. The developers have intentionally avoided using 3D graphics in order to differentiate themselves and have quite possibly achieved a far better visual standard than what would’ve been realistically possible under flash by using 3D. 


The Dream Machine will be released in five episodes, with the first episode due to released for free. There’s currently a playable demo available for download and a call out for beta testers for the first episode.

Check out the website here