Nintendo 3DS revealed at E3

Saturday, 19 June 2010

This little dooby is all over the net by now, but considering that a number of major magazines haven’t got around to putting this to print, I’ve still got time! (Hurrah!!)

At the recent E3 show in Los Angles, Nintendo have revealed their latest handheld (yawn) the Nintendo 3DS.

Wait I hear you say, doesn’t 3DS just mean DS number 3, it’s just the same old same old right?, it couldn’t mean anything else could it?

nintendo 3ds


Ah but it does mean something else, something really quite special actually……

Nintendo have unveiled a handheld device that is capable of running games using Stereoscopic 3D with out the need for 3D Glasses!!!!!!!!

The device it self will look quite similar to recently released DS XL in terms of it’s outside shell,the top screen will be used for the 3D display and is now a wide screen, whilst the bottom screen will continue to serve as a touch screen for games.

It will be compatible with previous DS and DSi games but there is no mention of Game Boy Advance titles being supported and this most likely means that the extra slot will probably be removed to make way for new hardware, which is quite understandable all considering.

There’s the addition of the analogue pad which looks suspiciously similar to the PSP Go’s analogue pad (but in a better location..), a display slider which will adjusts the depth of the 3D visuals and 3 cameras which will be able to take pictures in 3D.

The humble little DS will also be getting a big boost in graphics power and should be able to out put graphics to what would equate roughly to the equivalent of the Wii on tiny hand held and should now easily match up to or surpass the PSP in terms of visual quality.

Without going into the exact technical details (as they may change), the 3DS is due to be a powerhouse in comparison to it’s previous incarnation and it should be interesting to see what kind of response Sony will have in regards to this new challenger.

I’ll leave you with a video of the preview model displayed at the E3 this year.