IA: King’s Quest – Kingdom of Sorrow

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Freeware gaming developers Infamous Adventures have recently released details of their latest fan game in development,  King’s Quest – Kingdom of Sorrow.

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Previously only know as “Project X”, King’s Quest – Kingdom of Sorrow will be loosely based upon the book of the same name which  was originally released as a canon against the back drop of the King’s Quest games series. The book follows on  directly after King’s Quest 2 and goes on to further explore the adventures of King Graham and the perils of his Kingdom.


Infamous Adventures are previously responsible for the top notch remake of King’s Quest 3 back in 2006, if their original remake is anything to go by, Adventure game fans everywhere could be in for something special.

King’s Quest – Kingdom of Sorrow will now have been in development for approximately two to three years, so depending on how far the guys over at IA have gotten, It could almost be possible that this unveiling is actually a prelude to it’s imminent release!

At the same time Infamous Adventures have also been working on a remake of Space Quest 2 which is due to be completed sometime in the next few months, could it be possible they get released together? now that would be interesting.

                  SQ2sshot2   sq2sshot1 

If you’d like to find out more, check out the Infamous Adventures website here