Monday, 14 June 2010


Hurrican is a freeware remake of the classic Amiga /C64 game Turrican released back in 1990. Turrican became a smash hit at the time by bringing polished arcade game play to Amiga and C64 platforms.




The Turrican game made quite an impact after it’s initial release and developed a large following for a number of years, it’s popularity provided for conversions to every major computer and console platform and garnered several awards from American and European gaming magazines.


      h8 hurrican01


What made Turrican so popular was it’s fast paced arcade platform / shoot ‘em up styled game play, this combined with it’s polished graphics and modern sci-fi theme, gave it considerable street cred with the gaming public. It went on to inspire two further sequels from the original title and two unique versions for the Super Nintendo.

However like all things, interest in the Turrican series began to fade, as the dominance of the platform genre began to die out on consoles and computer alike. Turrican had become dead and buried, no longer destined to save the universe, instead relegated to bargain basement sales and abandonware sites.


      hurrican02 h21


That is….until someone became somewhat nostalgic and decided it was time to make a remake called Hurrican, using an arsenal of modern day effects but keeping core Turrican game play intact. 

Rather than being a straight one to one remake, Hurrican is more of a remix using some of the core features of the original game (bosses, spinning wheel, lightning gun) but with new levels and layouts, new ways to use weapons and subtle refinements to game play mechanics. 



Despite having amazing graphics and keeping with the original theme, there was potential for a lot to go wrong with this remake, if game play wasn’t balanced or the physics or feeling of the original character wasn’t quite right, a lot of people could have be disappointed with Hurrican. Fortunately this isn’t the case with the developer really capturing the feeling of the original title whilst bringing a fresh new game which is well balanced and challenging.

If you where a fan of the original or just looking for a challenging platform/shooter, then Hurrican could be just the title your looking for – Highly Recommended!


Rating: 93%

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