Gran Turismo 5 - Preview Video

Thursday, 17 June 2010


Check out one of the latest video previews released by Sony for Gran Turismo 5.




Apart from GT 5 being one of the most highly anticipated Playstation 3 titles since the consoles release, what’s really going to make this game stand out will be it’s support for Sterosonic 3D, meaning it will it be the first Playstation 3 title to work with a 3D Television and Glasses!

So if your not already impressed with the graphics on offer and just think that GT 5 will be another run of the mill driving game, try it in 3D when it finally get’s released..

Which should be November 2010 according to Sony!

Just enough time to save up for:  a 50 inch LED 3D TV,  3D Glasses, Sony Playstation 3, Gamer Steering Wheel, Surround Sound and leave some money left over to buy a copy of the game.. (Ouch!)