Thursday, 1 April 2010


Spelunky is a very unusual name, if you heard it you might be think someone was talking about a board game or something similar to Jenga perhaps (or even something else), but instead it’s the title of a very addictive freeware game released back in 2008.


Spelunky is a retro game platform game which finds inspiration from games such as Rick Dangerous and Indiana Jones but with a rogue styled level generator incorporated.The level generator provides an interesting spin on the platform game genre, as it produces randomly generated levels on each play through which ensures that every game played, will be totally unique.


The game itself is a very playable affair and lends itself well to the platform game genre,the visuals are well presented, incorporating 90’s retro graphics which are both colourful and well designed,  it also includes a well produced old school soundtrack.The character’s main goal is to find treasure on each level, possibly complete a sub quest i.e. acquiring a rare gold idol or rescuing a damsel in distress and then find the level exit. The main character also has plenty of abilities allowing him to hang from ledges, use ropes, try out different weapons and use explosives against his environment.



The only real down side to the game is the variation between levels, or there the lack of. The problem is once you’ve passed through a few levels things begin to feel a bit samey, no doubt the level will be different but it doesn’t have enough difference to really inspire you keep playing over the long term. Spelunky is really a trade off from having a custom made game, that once finished loses it’s appeal to be replayed, to having a game that will never lose it’s appeal for replay but suffers from a lack uniqueness in level styles and game variations.



Spelunky is really hard to judge, it’s a great title for those looking for replayability and a quick arcade fix but not so good for those wanting a story and more than one theme. It’s a game that most people will either love or hate or to some extent have mixed feelings about. Putting aside criticism, Spelunky certainly is worth a try and seeing that it’s freeware, there’s certainly nothing stopping you from adding this unique game to your collection!




Rating: 82%

Download from here


Spelunky is now currently in it’s second revision on the PC and is due to be released for X-Box Live Arcade some time later in the year, with new and improved graphics!

spelunky-xbla-01 spelunky-xbla-03

X-Box Live Arcade Screenshots