Monster World RPG

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

These days when you think of retro games, you think of ‘emulators’, ‘remakes’ and ‘arcade versions’. What you don’t often think of is ‘brand new game’ but that is exactly what’s happening over at the MAX Team with their brand new fan game - Monster World RPG.


Monster World RPG has been inspired by two particular games and if you haven’t guessed by now, they are Wonder Boy in Monster Land (Known as ‘Super Wonder Boy: In Monster World’ – in Japan) and Wonder Boy 3 – The Dragon’s Trap.

         wb2arcade-1 wonder_boy_in_monster_land

Wonder Boy in Monster Land

        wonderboy3_shot1 wonderboy3_shot2

Wonder Boy 3 – Dragon’s Trap

What is uniquely original about Monster World RPG is that whilst it is inspired by the Wonder Boy series but it completely disassociates itself by being an RPG instead of a platform game (How Dare it!!!!) It draws upon the SNES & Mega Drive style of RPGS by using a semi top down / 3D isometric style and to some extent borrows/recreates much of the graphical style incorporated by the Wonder Boy series along the way.

What really makes things interesting is that these guys have actually produced a fun game! If your into RPG’s or just an extreme Wonder Boy fan (You’ll play anything with Wonder Boy in it, won’t you…) you will get a serious kick out this, because it feels authentic. It doesn’t feel like a fan game, it feels like a game that’s been produced in the 90’s and the development team got shut down just as they where about to release the title, forcing it to be abandoned in some basement somewhere only to be dug up once all the of the original game owners (not producers) had finally died off.

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s1yl9 s2wz8

It’s this feeling of authenticity that really gives this title the edge not to mention it being a completely original story, So if your looking for a completely smoking retro title to get your teeth into, look no further……

Website is here or download from here.

Rating – 90%