Monkey Island 2 – Special Edition

Saturday, 27 March 2010

LucasArts have recently announced a new remake for the Monkey Island series, Monkey Island 2 – LeChuck’s Revenge.

MI2 SE 16

Following on from last years re-release success, Monkey Island 2 SE will continue to use the same formula for the remake, using the original game code as a base and then updating the graphics, sound and adding studio voiceovers.

MI2 3  MI2 4

                                    Special Edition                                                                    Original

The original game was a considerable success back in the 1992 due it’s cinematic story, quirky sense of humour, detailed puzzles and colourful cutting edge graphics.

Some additional features for the new remake may include more direct control over Guybrush with joystick input for his movements and some special touch screen features for the iPad & iPhone versions.

MI2 SE 11 MI2 SE 12

MI2 7 MI2 8

Monkey Island 2 Special Edition is due to be released (US) Summer 2010, check out the LucasArts website for more info.