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Wednesday, 30 December 2009


Living Hell is a fan based remake of the Arcade game Splatterhouse, It is essentially a 2D platform game modelled in 3D  and offers a reinterpretation of the original game rather than just being a refresh of the original title.

Splatterhouse was originally an arcade game which took a slightly darker slant on the beat ‘em up / platform game  genre by employing an extreme horror theme. It was almost unheard of back in the 80’s for games to contain such high levels of gore and went against the trend of cartoon / cute  gaming that was so popular at the time. It went by relatively unnoticed in the arcades but became a surprise best seller for the Turbo Grafx 16 console in the US and for the Sega Genesis console with it’s sequel Splatterhouse 2


Splatterhouse Remake - Living Hell


The original story

The story follows two university students, Rick and Jennifer, who take refuge from a storm in The West Mansion, a local landmark known as "Splatterhouse" due to rumours of hideous experiments purportedly conducted there by Dr. West, a renowned and missing parapsychologist.

At the mansion, the two are taken by surprise and attacked by demon like creatures which leads to Jennifer’s capture and leaves Rick fatally wounded.

Rick awakens in the dungeon of the mansion to discover that he is still alive thanks to the influence of the "Terror Mask",  a Mayan sacrificial artifact from West's house which is capable of sentient thought. The mask attaches itself to Rick, fusing with his body and transforming him into a monster with superhuman strength. With the mask's encouragement,  Rick goes in search of Jennifer and fights his way through the mansion.Living Hell Flyer


Living Hell story line is more or less the same but has less emphasis on being in the house as you traverse through a variety of different outdoor settings which eventually lead to the famous Dr West Mansion.


Being a fan of the original game, I was pleasantly surprised when I loaded up Living Hell, the game oozes polish for a fan game and really captures the feeling of the Arcade but in a more modern way.


Whilst there are some frustrating moments, the game provides you with a solid challenge and is quite rewarding once you’ve over come some of the more difficult sections


I thoroughly recommend giving this game a try especially if you enjoyed the original Arcade title.


 Overall Rating: 86%


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Arcade Flyer


Game play footage from the original arcade game.


splatterhouse_big Flyer from Turbo Grafx 16 version


Namco / Bandai the owners of the Splatterhouse license are in the process of producing a new version of the game for the XB360 and PS3 due to be released sometime in 2010, check out the following trailer.