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Monday, 31 August 2009


A new version of the Playstation 3 has been recently announced by Sony.


PS3 Slim 4


The Playstation 3 Slim is a smaller and more optimised version of the original release, using a smaller form factor for chip production which reduces the production cost and size of the console.

As a result the Playstation 3 will now be 33% smaller, 36% lighter and consume far less energy than it’s previous incarnation.

The new version of the console is due to be released 1st of September at USD $299.00 & GBP £249.99 with 120gb Hard Drive Included as standard.




The only downside to this new edition is the removal of the emotion chip which allowed full compatibility of both Playstation 1 & 2 titles. This may possibly be replaced with some form of software emulation in the near future but no announcements have been made just yet.

The overall look and feel of the console has changed some what, losing the easy to scratch but beautifully polished black sheen for a more solid and durable dark matt finish.



Playstation 3 whilst being a solid seller has not truly reached it’s potential in this generation of consoles. From a technical point of view it is the best console on the market, currently offering a true high definition experience for users, combined with advanced 3D capabilities. Add into the mix the Blu-ray player and it almost seems strange that more people haven’t adopted the Playstation 3 as their number one product.

The problem in the past really has been that the console itself has been prohibitively expensive for the average user, with prices staying close to its release price for a considerable amount of time and being the most expensive console in the market. In addition to this Blu-ray adoption has been lower than expected with people continuing to use DVD’s as their main way to view movies.

However this new price point may just turn the tables with the product adoption, finding the sweet spot for gamers who can now justify the expense vs. the hardware. Blu-ray is also becoming more popular and with no alternative its use can only increase over time.


Playstation 3 Motion Controller

The most exciting news for the Playstation 3 is the new upcoming motion controller recently demoed at E3 2009, it looks very similar to the Wii’s offering but with far greater control and accuracy.



One of the best things to  come out of the device will be the use of the eye toy camera with the motion sensor device, offering in some ways a crossover between the X-Box Project Natal and the Wii Controller. If Sony are able to use the camera to implement some motion actions with out using the controller (e.g. kicking a football) then potentially this could end up being the very best product on the market. The motion sensor device is due to be released in 2010.

With news of the lower price point, the Playstation 3 in my opinion will become a very necessary purchase for all console gamers. The benefits of a free online gaming network, Blu-ray player, powerful hardware for 3D games, built in hard drive and the soon to be released motion controller, can not and should not be ignored.

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