Chao’s Mazes

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Just the other day I stumbled across an interesting fan game called Chao’s Mazes.



Chao’s Mazes is 3D puzzle game which has you navigating through a variety of puzzle mazes filled with moveable boxes. The objective of the game is quite simple, you need to clear a path to the end of the maze by moving boxes that block your path.




The game starts with a gentle learning curve and demonstrates to the player that by moving any of the boxes into the wrong location will permanently block your path and force you start the level over.  As the game progresses, the difficulty of the mazes begins to increase and new elements are added to force the player to use new tactics to get through them. All up there are 32 different levels to play, with 4 distinctive types of worlds.



Spoiler Alert – Contains the solution for one of the games levels!


The developer of the Choa’s Mazes - Bosser-Jerome, is currently producing a 3D fan game starring Sonic the Hedgehog utilising Open GL. The title has been worked on for a number of years now, but the developer has indicated that there is a possibility of the title not being released, if he feels it’s not good enough for public consumption.  After watching a demo video on You Tube, the game play actually does look like it might bare some resemblance to both Sonic Adventure and Sega’s most recent Sonic release, Sonic and the Black Knight. If it does get released, I can’t wait to give it a try!



As a side project whilst developing the Sonic title, Bosser-Jerome released Chao’s Mazes utilising his Open GL engine and including the character Chao from Sonic Adventure.


shot2 shot15


Chao’s Mazes is a fantastic little title, developed in just one month and just a 9 Megabyte download. It really shows off the developer’s ability by being able to produce such a polished title in such a small period of time.


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Chao’s Mazes is free to play and can be downloaded from:

Rating: 85%