The Secret of Monkey Island – Special Edition

Tuesday, 23 June 2009


After a nine year hiatus LucasArts have decided to make a u-turn and are releasing….an Adventure Game!

The game in question is a remake of their classic title The Secret of Monkey Island.



For the fans, this new version is identical to the original, running on the games original code but with improvements to the graphics, soundtrack, inventory, menu system and host of new easter eggs built in. The game is now fully narrated, using the voice talent of Dominic Armato for the voice of Guybrush Threepwood. Another feature allows the player mid game to switch between the remake and original version (320x200 resolution) at the touch of a button.

The-Secret-of-Monkey-Island-Special-Edition 3_1

For those who’ve never played The Secret of Monkey Island, you play Guybrush Threepwood, a drifter who arrives at melee island with just one goal, to become a pirate.

   monkeyislandlucas5801 screenshot847-1

                                    Special Edition                                                                   Original

Set in the colonial era in the Caribbean, The Secret of Monkey Island takes you through Guybrush’s journey in becoming a Pirate, his meeting with the Governor Elaine Marley, encounters with the Ghost Pirate LeChuck and eventually finding his way to Monkey Island.

The-Secret-of-Monkey-Island-Special-Edition 4_2 

The game is a colourful journey with lots of gags, humour and off beat puzzles, it was a best seller back in the early 1990’s and It’s humour is still evident today, finding it’s way into the charts for best retro title and best adventure game on many occasion.


The Secret of Monkey Island also has some offspring, including three sequels – Monkey Island 2 – LeChuck’s Revenge, The Curse of Monkey Island and Escape from Monkey Island and an upcoming soon to released episodic game by Telltale games & LucasArts called the Tales of Monkey Island.



Monkey Island teaser video


Coverage of Monkey Island at E3




                                                              Screenshots from the original game


The Secret of Monkey Island - Special Edition should be due for release any day now – check the website for updates at:



Tales of Monkey Island

Following the announcement of The Secret of Monkey Island – Special Edition, came news of a brand new game being developed in conjunction with LucasArts and Telltale game called the Tales of Monkey Island.


Tales of Monkey Island will be an episodic adventure split into five parts and is being written and designed by a considerable number of people who where on the original Monkey Island team including Ron Gilbert (The original designer) who was brought in as a consultant for the project.


The game will be set in a 3D environment similar to the Escape from Monkey Island title but will considerably improve upon the interface, graphics and emphasise the carton quality of it’s characters and the surrounding world.


This looks set to be an amazing game and hopefully it will live it up to it’s predecessors in terms of quality and playability, fingers crossed!


Check out the video previews below:



Tales of Monkey Island will available on the 7th of July from Telltale games at