Project Natal (X-Box 360)

Sunday, 7 June 2009


There is a new project for the X-Box 360 under development called Project Natal.

Project Natal is being developed by Microsoft to run in direct competition with the Nintendo Wii platform and its motion sensor controllers. The difference between Project Natal and the Wii controls is that Microsoft’s version doesn’t actually use any kind of controller and operates completely on the basis of motion detection and facial recognition, allowing the player to interact by using their body instead of any kind of attached device.

Whether or not this will be better than the Wii’s offerings really depends on how programmers and game producers make use of the technology. The initial promotion video from Microsoft, to me doesn’t really offer a great deal of inspiration, I can’t imagine wanting to play certain games with out some kind of interface as a guide e.g. a driving game with out a steering wheel? maybe the fighting game will be a little more popular but I can also see it going horribly wrong when some one tries a round house kick and then smashes their TV or at the other end of the spectrum, the player not even being fit enough to lift their leg to perform the necessary kick…

What is interesting is the development of a game called Meet Milo which is being created by Peter Molyneux famous for titles such as Fable, Black & White and Populous. This title appears to really take advantage of the technology in quite an amazing way, offering the player a unique way to interact with the console.

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