Duke Nukem Forever

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

If you consider yourself a hardcore gamer and you happen to be around 25 years or older there’s a fair chance that you might be familiar with the works of Duke Nukem.

Duke Nukem is a long standing series that dates all the way back to the early 90’s, starting out as a platform game produced by Apogee software, the title was originally sold as a budget game for the IBM compatible / DOS platform.

title_em duke12

After the success of the first two games and the subsequent growth of Apogee software as a company, an additional label was created under the Apogee umbrella called 3D Realms.

duke22 duke21

3D Realms is best known for it’s creation of the title Duke Nukem 3D the incredibly popular third game in the Duke Nukem series. Duke Nukem 3D was a massive hit due impart to it’s clever use of 3D graphics, a high level of interactivity and attention to detail. Game play was similar to that of Doom and Quake, set in a futuristic backdrop, the over all objective was to repel an army of space invading pigs and an assortment of other alien creatures.



Duke Nukem 3D offered the feel of a 1950’s B grade movie crossed with a 90’s action flick (think Arnold Schwarzenegger here), Duke’s character is portrayed as a man with a love of violence, women (particularly dancers) and cigars who just happened to lose his ship to the aliens invaders and ends up saving the world along the way, mostly thanks to his massive need for revenge (for losing his ship) and a compulsion for sarcastic one liners when dishing out the pain.

shot1 shot7

Back in 1997, Duke Nukem 3D was a game of controversy bringing themes such as ultra violence and sexual gratuity to the world video gaming (There where several hidden strip tease elements in the game). This posed a problem with censors at the time, as there was no classification for the sale of adult video games in many countries and the game had to under go several changes and compromises before seeing the light of day (although not in America). When compared to many of the releases in the last ten years though (Grand Theft Auto comes to mind), Duke Nukem 3D seems almost tame in comparison, clearly demonstrating how far censorship has eased for games in general..

 duke3  Duke Nukem HiRes

Since the success of Duke Nukem 3D there has been a sequel under development (not just an expansion pack or a spin off) called Duke Nukem Forever. Duke Nukem Forever may very well have leant it’s name as a prophecy to the project, as it had been under development for at least 12 years and is rumoured to have run up costs of around $20 million for it’s creation. In the last month, due to there being virtually no released date in sight and the mounting financial costs, 3D Realms has been closed down by Apogee software with development being permanently stopped on the project.

Having been teased with trailers over the last 12 years, I’m kind of disappointed that this game will never get released, I mean…what greater hype can a game get than a twelve year development cycle ? I’m hoping that some software house out there would be willing to finish the job..Valve or Id software perhaps?

Below is a video of the unfinished game, leaked by one of the now unemployed developers…..

Feeling a bit nostalgic? You could always try EDuke32, it allows you to run your original copy of Duke Nukem 3D on a modern system and even upgrade the textures with the Polymer High Resolution Render pack.



EDuke32: http://www.eduke32.com/

Duke Nukem 3D upgrade packs: http://hrp.duke4.net/download.php 

and at:  http://forums.duke4.net/index.php?showforum=26