A Vampyre Story 2 – A Bat’s Tale Preview

Sunday, 31 May 2009


Following the commercial success of A Vampyre Story, developer Autumn Moon has announced a sequel and released a some preview screenshots for all to see.

In the second part of the story Mona de Laffite has been captured and is being held by the vindictive Dr. Riga Mortus long time friend of the story’s villain Shrowdy, leaving her bat sidekick Froderick to come to her rescue.

    9801  mortusCloseUp

Additionally joining the development team to add that little bit of extra spit and polish are game designers Larry Ahren and Jesse Clark, who have worked on some of the more famous LucasArts releases including Sam & Max Hit the Road, Monkey Island 2 , Full Throttle , and Curse of Monkey Island.

If these screenshots are anything to go by, adventure gamers could be in for a real treat!





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AVS Website: http://www.vampyrestory-game.com/

AVS 2 Website: http://www.avampyrestory2.com/