Dirty Split

Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Dirty Split is an original adventure game from Dreamagination, an independent development group who are currently producing freeware titles using the Wintermute game engine.

DS1 DS13

Dirty Split puts you in the role of a Private Investigator Alan Baxter in the 1960’s era, hired to investigate a murder by the prime suspects mother. The case on surface appears almost textbook until our PI begins to dig a little deeper and finds not everything is as straight forward as it seems.

After finding a lead, Alan begins to follow a trail around the USA, uncovering a web of deceit and mistruths, only to eventually uncover a shocking revelation.

DS12 DS11

The game uses an artistic style derived from the opening scenes commonly featured in classic 1960’s movies and television, where the introduction had been produced as a cartoon to open the film. This theme is used through the entire game and matches the genre and concept well. The game is also fully narrated and has been produced to a very high standard, surprisingly so for a freeware title. The voice acting isn’t absolutely perfect but you’d be hard pushed to find the weaknesses in any given scene.


Dirty split brings together a great script, interesting puzzles, dialogue and a murder mystery theme in a very polished manner and fashions itself as a quality title for all to enjoy. It is easy to access and uses the typical point and click interface so often found in this particular genre. What makes this title really stand out is the attention to detail in every scene for both artwork and scripting. All of the puzzles are quite logical and really only require a little patience and some lateral thinking on the part of the player to make further progress.

DS10 DS8

If there’s any criticism I can offer about this game, it’s that it’s a little too easy and too short for it’s own good. For anyone who isn’t hardcore adventure game fan, this should make the game actually very appealing, as the story progresses with out causing too much frustration and doesn’t require a huge time investment on the part of the player. More serious players will most likely view this title as a very enjoyable walk in the park and over before you know it.


As Dreamaginations first release this is a superb title and I’m looking forward to any future (and hopefully longer) projects that may be coming up!.

Rating 90%

Website & Download:    http://www.dreamagination.org/?page_id=5