Circle Dock

Wednesday, 27 May 2009


If you’ve got a bad case of Mac envy or just sick of Apple having the bragging rights on everything which is cool and new…. Maybe this piece of software will renew your appreciation for all things PC.


It’s called Circle Dock and if it’s not already apparent, you can use it open programs and shortcuts on your desktop. What makes this program a little different though is how it’s operated.

If you wish to run the dock you simply press the middle button on your mouse and it appears for use.     You can use the left and right keys to rotate the icons and if you wish you can have the dock live permanently on one of the screen edges as a half dock or just positioned somewhere centre screen.

The advantages of this dock are that it offers considerable customisation and can save a lot screen real estate, since it doesn’t have to live anywhere permanently on the desktop and can be called up with the click of a button.


  DarkBackgroundScreenshot 1   DoubleRingsEngraving 1 

I really enjoyed using this app and have replaced my old Mac styled dock (Rocket Dock) with it.

If you wish find out more about this application visit: