Plug in and play!

Thursday, 16 April 2009


At Computer + Adventure, we’re happy when your happy, meaning we don’t just want you to read our reviews only…..we want you to play too!

Ok - this isn’t some sort of cheesy marketing campaign but rather just a highlight as to what this blog offers to all ye weary travellers along the road of video gaming fun.

If you haven’t noticed it yet…..check out the side panel, there is a list of more than 30 free and completely legal games to choose from, along with a variety of excellent free & open source applications, to help with your general computer needs.

What may surprise you is that the list is made up of some really top notch games and whilst they may not all be most cutting edge in terms graphics, the majority of them are excellent titles worthy of your time and attention.


Don’t believe me? 

Download them and give them a try, there free and you have nothing to lose!

In fact if there’s a game you don’t like, just uninstall, it really is that simple!


Below is a sample of some of the games on offer!

shot13062KQ1 - Candy HouseKQ2VGA3062New Image 2!Level-R_ProjectTorque_Shot102_1505DaysAssaultCube_2fear_bigfacade_3troubleinparadiseSWARCCedricBroken Sword 2-5nexuiz_screenshot_4bm13_portalpest2_2TrackMania__Nations_Forever_Pics_6warsow


Enjoy!  smile_regular