Jumbotron DS

Sunday, 26 April 2009


Whilst browsing net, I recently stumbled upon this interesting, yet completely impractical project…

A Giant Nintendo DS!!

Someone has found a way to connect two large touch screen monitors together and attach the DS, to play games on a much larger scale!


Pic 4


Aptly called the Jumbotron DS, this DIY project offers a way to play DS games much like you would with a ordinary console but with the addition of touch screen functionality and the DS flavour. In order to do this though you will need to butcher a Nintendo DS and purchase some additional hardware to go with it.

I personally wouldn’t recommend anyone to try this but if one where so inclined……

Pic 3Pic 2Pic 1

It could make for a very interesting project to show off to your friends or for playing your favourite DS game with out having to strain your eyes.

Instructions on how to build one of these bad boys is located at


Along with several more photos and videos.