Thursday, 12 March 2009


If you happen to own an iPhone or iPod touch and like to play the odd game from time to time, you may appreciate this invention.


The iControlPad has been designed to provide the user with a control interface similar to that of the Nintendo DS or PSP, allowing the user to play games that normally require a standard gamepad instead of touch screen controls. At present there is a steady flow of homebrew applications and emulators that are currently being ported over to the iPhone and they should work very nicely with this new set of controls.

In addition to this, the creators are also working on optional settings for game developers that will allow new iPhone games to take advantage of the gamepad. 

The Device plugs in through the iPhone serial port and is based upon the control pad for the Super Nintendo. 

Below is a video of a prototype in action:



for more info check out the developers web site at:  http://icontrolpad.com/

A quick note – Using this device may require Jailbreak software (Opens the iPod to third party apps), read more about this process here  http://lifehacker.com/398906/jailbreak-iphone-20-with-pwnagetool