8-bit Theatre

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Every once in a while it helps to do something completely different and random, as it assists in reminding you that A) You don’t know everything, B) That your arrogant and probably need some help, C) It can be ridiculously fun, providing you don’t burn your finger tips off in the process.

Doing Random things will help fend off boredom and probably genetically increase your chances of survival, seeing that you are opening up your DNA to completely new experiences.

One such random encounter I had recently was stumbling across an online comic called 8-Bit Theatre, whilst it probably won’t increase my survival rate, it did have me laughing and rolling on the floor for a few minute, wait, that will probably lower my chances of survival hmmm…

The comic uses the 8-bit sprites from Final Fantasy 1 and is loosely based around it’s story line (and I MEAN loosely), apart from the general location and characters references this comic has NOTHING to do with Final Fantasy 1 what so ever and is a brutal sarcastic mess of Adult humour mixed with video game references, loads of send ups on role playing games and bloody violent black humour (refer Black Mage).

It is wickedly funny and basically no normal person should ever really dare read it. In fact I’d venture a guess that most women would probably want to avoid reading this comic altogether unless they have a wickedly dark sense of humour or would just like to see the Dark Mage being constantly humiliated and frustrated by the White Healer (on the other hand maybe women will like this hmm…)

Quit talking, I want the comic and I want it now!

er….well ok..you can find it here: http://www.nuklearpower.com/

BM and Fighter

8-bit Theatre is updated regularly, at least once a week and has a back catalogue of 1000 episodes (It started back in March 2001) .

I’m like fighter, I don’t wanna read

er..well..how about some You Tube then…just for you, five jam packed episodes, which should take you up to about episode 35 in the comic!





fighter laughing









The Team 




WM and BM




Red Mage Dress

Actual screenshots from the original Final Fantasy (NES) game the comic is sort of based around.

 FF1 Pic 1 FF1 Pic 2 FF1 Pic 3

 FF1 Pic 4 FF1 Pic 5 FF1 Pic 6

  FF1 Pic 8 FF1 Pic 7

All comics have been sourced from 8-bit Theatre, created by Brian Clevinger, www.nuklearpower.com

Till next time!