A Vampyre Story

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


A Vampyre Story is the latest adventure game from developer Autumn Moon, An Independent production company, currently releasing titles under the German publishing house Crimson Cow.



You may not have heard of Autumn Moon previously but what makes this company so interesting is the game designer and game artist Bill Tiller.

Bill Tiller was one of the main artists, who a number of years ago worked on the game Curse of Monkey Island by Lucas Arts and was responsible for it’s very striking visual style. Whilst the Curse of Monkey Island was missing the talents of Ron Gilbert, the original producer and story writer of the Secret of Monkey Island series, the Curse of Monkey Island was a resounding success and has since become an adventure game classic.


curse mikennyscannonshop_2 miskullisland_2

Curse of Monkey Island Screenshots

Curse of Monkey Island had luscious cartoon graphics and incorporated full motion animated video for it’s cut scenes, which was considered particularly cutting edge at the time of it’s release back in 1997.



Since Lucas Arts decision to stop producing Adventure Games many years ago, Bill Tiller had since been working on a number of projects including Rebel Assault, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine and Lord of the Rings for the PC and Console platforms. Another project he worked on was forming his own company Autumn Moon, to start production for his own adventure games titles. A Vampyre Story is the very first title to appear from this stable after a considerable number of years of development.

    AVS2   AVS3

A Vampyre Story follows the tale of a young gifted opera singer from Paris, Mona De Lafitte. Mona is the story protagonist who has been kidnapped by Baron Shrowdy Von Kiefer – A Vampire.


Mona soon finds herself in a predicament, being turned into a Vampire, becoming prisoner in a castle and bride to be of the ruthless Baron Shrowdy.

All hope seems lost until one night Shrowdy fails to return to the castle from his usual nightly forays in Draxslyvania and provides Mona with a chance to escape….


A Vampyre story is a combination of 3D characters and cartoon styles backgrounds, the graphics are beautifully crafted, highly detailed and look straight out of a Disney cartoon movie. The game plays as an adventure game / puzzle solver and uses a point and click interface which is easily accessible and intuitive to use. The adventure games genre blends well with the story telling aspect of the game and while there are moments when a player can get stuck, the puzzles don’t seem to be too obscure to over come. The musical score of the game and sound effects are also wonderfully composed.


The games story line is generally light hearted and follows the journey of Mona’s escape from the castle, her friendship with bat companion Froderick, evading Baron Shrowdy and trying to find a way back to her previous life. The story theme is best described as being a Cartoon Vampire Noir, combining the elements of a slap stick cartoon and using elements of subtle Adult humour whilst still being Child friendly.


One of the games flaws I came across was the very off putting vocals given to the main character, The voice acting used for Mona almost seems out of place and doesn’t really fit with the Vampire theme of the game. Possibly had a more authentic actor been used for the vocals, this might have made a big difference....although this could be just a matter of personal taste on my part.

The other flaw is the writing in of some of the dialogue and scripting, some of the jokes seem a little forced and ends up being a bit too detailed to be funny or just lose pacing for being too long winded. Whilst it’s not a bad script by any means, I just felt it needed a little bit more polish to give it that extra kick.

Even with these minors points, I still think this is a great game and certainly worthy of your time, especially if your looking for an adventure game to sink your teeth into.

 bat    Overall Rating 86%    bat







Try the demo at : http://www.bigdownload.com/games/a-vampyre-story/pc/a-vampyre-story-demo/

Main web page: http://www.amegames.com/

Where to buy: http://uk-adventureshop.gamesplanet.com/products/ASHAVAST?affiliate=AG

or from your local computer store!