A Tale of Two Kingdoms Review

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


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A Tale of Two Kingdoms (ATOTK) is a Fantasy Adventure created with the application by the name of Adventure Game Studio or AGS for short.

AGS these days is very much a template program for producing remakes and original adventure games at around the style of the early / mid 1990's. So far in terms of producing remakes, we have seen some brilliant efforts in the form of Sierra titles such as Kings Quest 1-3, Quest for Glory 2 and the occasional original title which are good but are usually quite short in the length of play.

A Tale of Two Kingdoms looks set to break this trend some what, by providing gamers with a product which whilst still sitting quite comfortably in the mid 90's adventure game genre, is a brand new creation, completely original, holds a progressive but not entirely linear story line and provides a world full of detail that will take the average gamer some time to get through.

The story is set in a medieval fantasy world filled with magical creatures where upon a human drama has been unfolding, through a series of events, two kingdoms have found them selves pitted against one another in war which has been drawn to a conclusion by a man referred to as Whiteblade (also known as Maeldon) who is the main character of the tale.

Whiteblade had successfully drove out an invading army and saved his home land from being conquered, some years later from this event we find ourselves taking control of his Character, as his former enemies request his assistance to drive out a new and formidable enemy...

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In terms of play ATOTK works very much in the fashion of a point a click Kings Quest title, the controls are quick and relatively easy to learn, The story line progresses very smoothly and has many different branches with a possible five different endings to the game. The puzzles whilst challenging at times, are well balanced and generally fitting to the games style. The plot is complicated, involving and immerses you quickly in the detail of the world and gives you the feeling that you are not only the passenger of the story but also the driver.

The game graphics fit into the 1990's VGA adventure games style (256 colours at 320 x 200 resolution) and have been developed at a very high standard and detail and would easily rival a commercial game of that era. The graphics are generally colourful and vivid and are pleasure to look at. Also there are some filter options for people using larger high resolution screens in the game set up, which will help reduce some of the pixelization that comes with low res graphics.

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Some of the negatives to the game are that not all of the graphics in the game always feel completely finished, some of the scenes which would of been hand drawn, scanned and then coloured and edited on the computer, in a few certain places look like they may have been a little rushed, which provides a slight inconsistency to some of the backgrounds. This maybe simply be the result of using pencil drawings to create backgrounds instead of using cell painted frames but I found that It stood out at times, one example of this is the town setting at night time.

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Other points are that some of sub plots require you to find things or do things at a certain times, in order for you to get one of the better endings of the game. This is frustrating as you find your self having to either start again at times or go back a few saves to complete things in the correct way, whilst this offers variation to the plot, I feel at the same time this is unnecessary or at least should be done in a way that offers the players plenty of opportunity to complete the sub plots with out having to back track as much.

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Music in the game is quite good with powerful and subtle background music and well developed sound effects which help to progressively develop the games mood, the only fault here is that some of the scores could be longer but in general, the quality of the music is to a high standard.

Putting aside some of the smaller points, I can honestly say that this is a high quality game, it has a well developed story line, interesting characters and loads to do and will keep the most harden adventure game fan or light weight gamer, busy for a decent amount of time.

Whilst not everyone will be happy about the old school graphics, keep in mind this is a free game and has been developed to a particular style which it achieves effortlessly.

Overall Rating: 90%

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