A Quick Update for the Quest for Glory 2 Remake

Tuesday, 22 July 2008


A recent update has been posted AGDI's web site regarding the imminent release of the QFG 2 remake:




Anonymous Game Creator #2

The time is drawing near and with the release of Quest for Glory II just around the corner, we're in need of server space to make the game available to the masses.

AGDI has decided to refresh its list of mirrors which host our games. We plan on taking the no-longer functioning mirrors off the list and also accepting offers from people willing to host our games, both new and old. We would obviously like to have adequate server space available by the time the Quest for Glory II remake is released and we would like to start organizing this now so that the release can be seamless and hitch-free.

If you have a good deal of server space and bandwidth to spare and are willing to help us distribute our projects, please contact us at AGDinteractive@gmail.com with a mail titled "AGDI Mirror Offer" and let us know that you’d like to donate server space. In this mail, please also let us know the maximum amount of space and bandwidth you have to offer. Please note that the bandwidth load will be shared across all servers and will be put on rotation every time someone downloads a file from the AGDI web site. Additionally, please bear in mind that we would like to be able to host the files on the servers indefinitely.
This isn't just about Quest for Glory II VGA. It also extends to hosting our other projects too. So if you can help, please send us an email and let us know the details. Thanks!


I would offer my help to AGDI but being a mere blogger and all...and having no ability to host downloads...I'm certainly not in position to do this....but hey who knows, maybe you could!

If you feel like helping the AGDI team out, send them an email and damn it, make sure any hosting is for free (my opinion)...they've been working hard to bring you something of value at no cost, why not return the favour!

+ Just a little bit longer to wait....until it's release  fingerscrossed

Web Link:      http://www.agdinteractive.com/

For the people who just walked in the room, check out the May article of this blog, to get a better understanding on the update.