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Wednesday, 16 July 2008


As per usual I'm always on the hunt, looking for things which are interesting and perhaps not always in the centre of attention, it would be easy for me to cover things that where more popular....say GTA 4, maybe the latest Zelda for Nintendo DS (which I have played, finished and thought was brilliant) but rather than do what every one else is doing, I have decided to take the road a little less travelled and write about things that are possibly less mainstream and more inclined to the people out there who are...I guess looking for something a little different.

That doesn't mean I won't cover mainstream stuff, it just means that focus of this blog will probably less directed towards things that are being reviewed detailed and scrutinised by 100 other blogs, magazines, fan communities etc, etc..

Speaking of which, after publishing the article on the Quest for Glory II remake, this blog received an unexpected large amount of viewers with in a very short period of time....obviously a very a popular topic for many.

Quite a turn around for a blog that had hits in the hundreds, I can now safely say that we are well past that point. Does this mean that I should start looking for the top story to get the be no.1?

Nope...I'm going to keep on writing about the things, that I like to write about, in the manner that I so choose and if you find it interesting, all the better.




The Forgotten Element is a game that is current under development by an Indie developer called Lemmy & Binky. It is being made in the style of a Lucas Arts adventure game.

What is most striking about the preview to this game is the unique graphics style that has been employed, seemingly cross breeding Lucas Arts adventure game style with Capcom Arcade anime visuals.

Taking into further consideration that the game developer also appears to be using low-res retro adventure game styled graphics, Once you view some of the screenshots, you will no doubt be impressed by the dedication of the main artist and his production values. Hopefully this level of quality will flow through to all areas of the finished product, fingers crossed!

 FE_Clancy   FE_Doctor   FE_Mia


FE_TownCredits    FE_Beach


FE_Corridor    1


2    5


FE_Mapscreen    town_rain


To give a general picture of the Story Line, The Forgotten Element is set on a European Island, which is separated by sea but attached to a mainland continent and would appear to be a peaceful yet secular culture, generally isolated from the outside world, there has been push to open it's borders to outsiders to assist in its modernisation.

In recent times though, strangers have become more frequent and strange events have begun to occur around the island, leading to an unusual malaise that appears to be afflicting the landscape and citizens one by one, some appear to be immune but most seem to fall into illness or disarray.

The main story begins with the main Character Mia, appearing in the woods with no memory of who she is or how she arrived at this small island, she is found by a local doctor and taken to the town hospital, apparently unaffected by the malaise that is affecting the island, there is speculation she may a hold a secret to the islands troubles....





I'll be posting further details regarding the release of this title when they become available. Whilst you can never put a date on the completion of titles which are freeware games, I have read that there has been a considerable amount work already done for the Forgotten Element, If we are lucky, we may just see it released in the next 3-6 months!

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