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Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Where to begin..... many years back I was the proud owner of an Amiga 500, a gem of a machine back in the day and after purchasing it as my home computer I was thrilled by all of the options it presented in the form of games and applications that where available.

I had taken an interest in Adventure Games after playing Space Quest at a friends house and really enjoying the challenge it presented, It was my Birthday at the time and I got given a voucher for a game purchase and made my way over the local computer game store.

There was plenty of choices in terms of the games you could get for the Amiga 500, but there weren't that many options for adventure games at the time, I was keen to play another game of it's kind and while I was looking on the game shelves I stumbled across a title called "Hero Quest - So you want to be a Hero?".


HQ Box Art


It immediately appealed to me, with high resolution graphics (for the time) and an Adventure Game crossed with an RPG, there was plenty that could have gone wrong but instead it was the beginning of a brilliant which still still appeals even to this day.


quest_for_glory-12 quest_for_glory-2 6786_0

quest_for_glory-5 quest_for_glory-4 quest_for_glory-6


The Hero Quest series though soon had to be renamed, as it shared the same name as the famous Milton Bradley Board Game, who held the copyright of the name and so "Hero Quest" soon became "Quest for Glory - So you want to be a Hero?"


qfg1v2    QFG1 BX




You play the hero of the story and can pick the type of hero you want to be, either a Fighter, a Magic User , a Thief and later on you have an option to become a Paladin if you played one of the games in the series, in the right manner.

The ultimate goal in the first game was to become a hero of town, which is set in a fantasy setting that is depicted in medieval Germany. Your goal is to find quests to prove you worthiness of being a hero in the town of Speilburg and rid the land of brigands and a curse that has besieged the Baron and his family.

To put it simply, Quest for Glory had me mesmerised from the moment I picked it up, fusing together elements of Interactive Cinematic's, Role Playing Character Progression, Adventure Game puzzle solving and Interactive Combat , there was so much on offer there was nothing quite like it at the time.


1992 - The Remake.....

Following the success of the original game sierra released an update to Quest for Glory 1 in 1992 for the PC, this updated the graphics to VGA and replaced the typing console with a point and click style of game play, which was becoming the norm at that point in time.


Quest for Glory 1_1 Quest for Glory 1_2 Quest for Glory 1_3

Quest for Glory 1_4 29hi1 22ta5




Before this remake occurred there was a sequel that was released in this series called Quest for Glory 2 - Trial By Fire

Quest for Glory 2 - Trial by Fire EGA...

QFG 2 was a highly anticipated release especially after the incredible success of the original game, players looking for more depth and a more elaborate story line found a home when picking up this title. A larger release than the original game, it's only flaw on the Amiga was the intense disk swapping, this could be resolved with the purchase of a hard drive, which was more or less the only way to play this game on the PC.

In this instalment the player travels to land of Shapier, a desert city which has a dark shadow about to descend upon it from a hidden enemy.

Graphically the game pushes the limits of what was possible to do with an EGA game at the time and is visually very capable even if it doesn't achieve the same type of standards that where capable with VGA. QFG 2 was the very last game produced in EGA by Sierra.




title quest_for_glory_ii_02 Quest for Glory II - Trial by Fire_1

Quest for Glory II - Trial by Fire_2 Quest for Glory II - Trial by Fire_3 Quest for Glory II - Trial by Fire_4

Quest for Glory II - Trial by Fire_10 Quest for Glory II - Trial by Fire_5 932336783-00

Quest for Glory II - Trial by Fire_8 Quest for Glory II - Trial by Fire_9 Quest for Glory II - Trial by Fire_6




The game largely expands upon the previous games elements and reintroduces them in a much larger way, creating city exploration through a maze of alley ways and desert exploration all of which are required to be done in a specific amount of time.

The story has a greater amount of depth and humour and will take much longer to get through but it is rewarding and the pace of the game is faster than the original instalment with particular tasks required to be done with in a certain numbers in days in the game.

Some of additions are: you purchase a tamed Saurus for travelling in the desert (previously a monster in QFG1), an expanded number of skills and items and new magical powers that can be earned if you visit the right location.

I highly recommend this game to anyone, who is interested in a challenge and depth in the story line, I personally believe this is the best Quest for Glory in the whole series, regardless of it's graphical qualities and should be played by all....but this all also leads to me to my next point......


Quest for Glory 2 - Trial by Fire VGA...... A Remake in Production

Quest for Glory 1 was remade by Sierra in 1992, taking advantage of the new VGA graphics that where available to computer users, If players had missed their chance of playing the original game, they had a second and more polished chance to play the game in 1992.

After doing the remake, Sierra realised that the cost of doing one was prohibitive and people just weren't buying the title as eagerly as the first edition. This would probably change over time but in terms of recouping costs and generating profits. Sierra decided it was time to close the door on the QFG remakes, leaving only one game in the series....still in EGA...Quest for Glory 2.

Fast forward to 2001.......The Adventure Game genre has almost been abandoned by commercial developers and only a small fan base community remains, some of this fan base has turned to producing fan ware games (Games made by fans, of varying quality), This lead to the development of a tool called Adventure Game Studio.

Adventure Game Studio allows fans to develop adventure game titles with out the need to be a programmer but still required some skill in Basic Scripting, understanding how a computer works and creating sprite animation, foreground and background images and any musical content. In general though, If you take out the programming part, you do end up removing the most agonising part of game creation and it does allow some of the more talented people out there, to put together some interesting titles.

Talented people like AGDI (Adventure Game Developers Interactive) for instance, who out of their love for adventure games, have decided to put together some high quality remakes, such as King Quest 1 and King Quest 2+ .

Their remakes of the Kings Quest games are well known for their good quality and have been freely available for download for the past few years, In the mean time they have produced one commercial title with AGS and have been working on a Quest for Glory 2 remake........for close to 7 years.....




1124 1125 1126

feature-qfg2-04 AEqfgii09 AEqfgii12


After reading the recent forums at AGDI it would appear that their long awaited remake is on the verge of release! They have currently passed over a Beta copy of their hard work to Viviendi Games (License owner of Sierra / QFG) and they are at the moment testing the Beta Product.

AGDI required Viviendi Games to give it's approval for this remake to be released, in the mean time AGDI are doing their final rounds with bug testing and so forth.

This remake will allow players to import game statistics from the EGA or VGA version of QFG 1 and export to QFG 3 once completed, has updated graphics (incase you missed that part..), a new improved fighting system and all the goodness of QFG 2 packed into a download!

For further updates of it's impending release please view:

AGD Interactive:

AGDI Designer Journals:

AGDI Forums:

If you are a Mac user, you can play AGS games by downloading the latest version of AGS from their web site and installing games through it. Instructions are located on the downloads page.

AGS Main Page:

If your looking to get a copy of the original Quest for Glory games, unfortunately they are no longer being sold !

You could try e-bay to see if any copies are available or try an Abandonware site, who host older style games which are no longer supported or sold by the license holder. (Whether this is legal in your country or not, will be up to you to decide..)

If you do get hold of a copy of any of the games, they are usually best played through DOS Box, as you can accurately emulate the speed of the original computer it was meant for (that means try and get the DOS version if you can!)

DOS Box works across several different platforms, Including Windows, Mac and Linux.

Dos Box Web Site:

Quest for Glory 5 was released for Windows and Mac, so playing it on your modern computer shouldn't be too much of challenge if you have a copy and know how to use the compatibility settings.


Here are some screen shots from the later editions in the Quest for Glory Series

Qfg3_cover qfg4boxart_2 qfg5boxart_2 images

Quest for Glory 3

char3 Quest for Glory 3 - Wages of War_1 Quest for Glory 3 - Wages of War_2

Quest for Glory 3 - Wages of War_3 Quest for Glory 3 - Wages of War_4 Quest for Glory 3 - Wages of War_5

Quest for Glory 4

Quest for Glory 4 Screenshot 01 Quest for Glory 4 Screenshot 03 screenshot1327-2

qfg42 qfg41 qfg43

Quest for Glory 5

qfg2 qfg5 questfor_screen001

questfor_screen002 questfor_screen003 questfor_screen005


I'll be taking a break for blogging for a while to concentrate on a few major events which are coming up, but I'll be back online before you know it! and if QFG2 VGA is released, you will no doubt hear it here first !!! smile_wink