The latest Invention out of China - The Vii !?!

Saturday, 19 April 2008


Generally when I think of Chinese products, I think of cheap knock offs, poorly paid labour and a flaunt it in your face attitude that no one can stop us sort of approach.

Today's topic is no exception in fact I would say that the makers of this product have gone the whole hog on the idea that they can make a buck on some one else's idea and hey while they're at it why not borrow an idea from their good friends over in Japan.

Yes folks, it's called the Vii, the answer to Nintendo's killer Wii.

Oh yes the similarities don't stop there, I mean being original and all, they've managed to mimic the look and feel of the console, though not the sophistication.


Vii - Revision 1



While games for the system have a similar look and feel to some of Nintendo's offerings, it is clear that the system appears to lack 3D capabilities and the games are either onboard games that have been pre-installed or available on a small cartridge.

The technology is in the range of quality of that of a Nintendo 64 with out 3D capabilities, although since I've never actually played one of these suckers and all of tech documents are in Chinese, I can't say this with absolute certainty but it does appear that the games are currently not using any 3D Graphics, of any kind.


Vii - Revision 2 (Recently released)



I guess a few people must of complained after buying a Vii the originally, getting it confused with a Wii because of it's look and feel, they must of though it was the Chinese version of the product. Whilst I couldn't imagine it would be that hard to tell the difference, many people must of been disappointed that it couldn't play Nintendo Wii games in the true sense of Chinese "I don't give a damn about copyright" Capitalism / Communism Spirit that we've all come to expect.

So a new look and feel has been created for the system (Revision 2), which now highlights the fact that "This isn't a Wii and It can't play it's games" but still has a Wii-mote looking thing, attached to it.


The Games


In Action


A hands on review of revision 2


Now the interesting thing about the Vii is that it's selling like hot cakes over in china, being that it's only been relatively new, it has already sold more than 300,000.00 units and sells for roughly AUD $150.00, which is cheaper than a Nintendo DS.

So as unlikely as it sounds this device may just have future and while the games don't exactly appear to be revolutionary (basically the equivalent of 2D Nintendo 64 games with a motion sensor device), they appear that they may just be enough fun, to warrant people to purchase one.


The TV ad


Nintendo must have been having a good laugh when they saw this, whilst at the same time wanting to sue the pants off it's creators.

I'm fascinated that some one has gone to the trouble of putting a system like this together, considering it is so incapable against the original product....and what is more surprising is that no one in China seems to be developing any sort of real console to rival the one's being produced by the US or Japan.

China tends to be leader in manufacturing hardware for computers, especially in the space of 3D Video cards and PC Motherboard technology. Surely out of a population which is at the level of roughly 600 million, some one could come up with an original idea for console that matches today technology..??