The Infinity String

Sunday, 30 March 2008


I recently downloaded this game to try out from the AGS database of games and was pleasantly surprised.

I heard about it last year after playing a freeware adventure game based on the Stargate TV Show, which was quite enjoyable but a little short in playtime and heard that the developer Sektor 13 had another project underway.

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Your name is Yerik Elnar, a scientist currently works for United States. In late 2009 ancient ruins were found in the Antarctica by Russian explorers and with in a year, a research base was built to study the findings. A team of international scientists and service men where sent in from Russia, America and Germany to analyse the findings.

Another year goes by and the government has requested you be sent in as a scientific aide to help the current researchers. Your trip by helicopter goes by with out a hitch,  But strange things begin to happen once you arrive at the facility…

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The Infinity String is set in a science fiction context in the modern world and has an elaborate story line, which leads the player into a parallel universe and details the conflict between two planets, who seemingly are unable to resolve their differences.

The real crux of the story comes down to a technology that is discovered, that holds a mysterious and unstable power which the player begins to slowly uncover over the course of the game.


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The visuals are good quality but low-res emulating the style of the late nineties adventure game graphics, the music is undeniably atmospheric, using sound samples from Vangelis and the playability and puzzles are well balanced but do become quite tricky in the later parts of the game.

I thoroughly recommend The Infinity String, whilst only a medium length game, it provides an interesting tale which will require the player to come to grips with a number of challenging puzzles to make it all the way through and has some spine tingling horror elements which lend the story line a certain amount of tension.

The Infinity String is freeware, so feel free to give it a try!




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