Star Wars - Shadows of the Empire (Adventure Game)

Sunday, 24 February 2008


A game I've been keeping an eye of late is Star Wars -  Shadows of the empire (SOTE), a freeware adventure game which from early indications is going to be of amazing quality.

If your not familiar with the adventure game genre, check out my previous post from the 1st of Dec 2007, which will bring you up to speed.

SOTE part 1 is due to be released fairly soon, so keep an eye out for it, as I do believe it's going to be brilliant!

Here are the latest screen shots posted on authors web site.






There is a technical demo which is available, which will give a taste of the game underway, it can be found here:

Stars Wars Shadows of the Empire (tech demo download)

If you enjoy it, check out the authors web site at: