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Saturday, 1 December 2007

Did you ever hear about adventure games when you where growing up?

When I was a kid they where HUGE! and I absolutely loved them.

You may not have any idea as to what I'm talking about but try and think back to a time around 15-20 years ago, when commercial software where releasing games which where not solely based on running and jumping and finishing a game actually required a person to try and think through problems instead of just bashing away on your game pad.

Can you remember ?
Let me give you a few clues...


                                    Leisure Suit Larry                                                      The Secret of Monkey Island

KQ1 Remake Quest for Glory 1

                                        King’s Quest                                                                 Quest for Glory

These where some of the biggest games of the day and the very best titles for the genre.

The games often involved solving puzzles in order to get to the end, quite often where very challenging and pushed the boundaries of graphics technology and animation of the day.

They quite often played with highly detailed story lines and with rich detail to the environments they where portrayed in. This was the payoff for interacting in a low resolution world, the attention to detail and story where given just that little bit more polish to keep you coming back.

But what happened ? Where did these amazing titles go...?? perhaps it was a combination of new technology, market forces and a main player in the market (Sierra) being bought out, that saw the genre all but disappear.

Fast Forward to today...

The adventure game industry still exists but in an almost entirely different scope. There is the very occasional commercial release such as Broken Sword 4, Al EmmoSam and Max, as featured below.

Broken Sword 4 Al Emmo Sam and Max

and fanware games made with Adventure Game Studio, which can be of surprisingly good quality in some cases.

Some fans speculate that with the renewed interest in the genre, in the future we may see more high quality commercial releases.

I personally think the future of this genre, will be realized when developers begin to produce cinematic games with rich content with highly threaded story lines, embedding new technology with good old fashion cinematics and story telling, combined with puzzle elements that provide a unique long lasting multi media experience.

A few adventure game sites that I've been visiting lately are:

Star Wars – Shadows of the Empire (Part 1 – currently in development)



AGDI - remakes of Sierra classics, Kings Quest 1, Kings Quest 2 and Quest for Glory 2.

Quest for Glory 2 – Trailer


Infamous Adventures - remakes of Sierra classics - Kings Quest 3, Space Quest 2 (Not yet released) and Project X (An original tale in production)

KQ 3 Remake


A Tale of Two Kingdoms - An epic new adventure game, old school graphics but massively playable and freeware - recommended!


Al Lowe's Humor Site - The maker of Leisure Larry 1-7, has a web site dedicated mainly two things Humor and Leisure Suit Larry!

Grumpy Gamer - The random rants and raves from the creator of the famous Monkey Island series, Ron Gilbert.

AGS - Adventure Games Studio - Games Page, free games for you to try.