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After doing some random browsing just recently, I stumbled across a remake of the classic arcade game Star Wars!

Stars Wars when it was released in 1983 was a fun, fast, wire frame game, the very earliest type of 3D game you could get and a massive hit in the arcades because of all the Star Wars mania at the time.

When you sit down to play it today, it's still fun but rather lacking on the graphical front.

But all that has changed with this fantastic remake from Minionsoft, conceived as part of the Retro Remake competition for 2006.


The game strictly follows the arcades original layout and stays true to the arcade as much as possible with the exception of the new graphic engine and musical score. The game provides new high resolution polygons and textures and a vastly improved sound track.

Game play remains true to the arcade with fast, furious action which is over in a flash as you play through the different levels. It’s not going to win any awards for longevity but is a quick blast from the past and is a lot of fun.




Screenshots from the Original Arcade


750px-Star_Wars_(Atari)_title_(Arcade) SW Atari 1

SW Atari 3 SW Atari 2



Cost: Free
Rating: 8/10
Recommendation: Download it now!
Web Site:


STAR WARS - The Battle of Yavin & The Battle of Endor


Battle of Yavin and Battle of Endor are two different freeware games, made the by the same author Bruno R. Marcos.

The games are set during the respective battles from two different Star Wars movies, A New Hope (Ep4) and Return of The Jedi (Ep6).

A description of how both games begin, is that you are placed at the beginning of each battle as a single fighter and have to make your way through to the end, until you're at the point of being able to destroy the Death Star.

Both games capture the mood of being in a chaotic battle and give you the feeling that you are part of the Rebel Alliance, on the way to launch it's final assault on the Death Star.

Both of these games where created back in 2004 and in their original form, are visually very basic. Thankfully someone had the good sense to create an upgrade pack which can be downloaded directly from the authors web site.

Both games ooze playability and immersion and should convince even the most hardened Star Wars fan of it's credibility, not to mention it’s addictive quality.



Battle of Yavin



Battle of Endor

Before playing, make sure you have the graphic and sound upgrade packs by Master Syrus installed as they add significantly to the overall immersion of the game. 


Cost: Free
Rating: 9/10
Recommendation: Download it Immediately!
Web Site: